2024-25 Annual Work Plan – Consultation now open

We are seeking your views to support the development of the 2024-25 Annual Work Plan. We invite interested stakeholders to provide us with information about current or emerging systemic issues in the aged care system.

Why we are seeking your views

Our annual work plan details our planned reviews, monitoring activities, reports and engagement for the coming year.  This allows us to prioritise and consider specific system issues in the age care system.

To inform the development of the annual work plan, we will collect views from a wide range of stakeholders and users of the aged care system on what could be considered in the coming year.

We currently hold a list of potential topics for future reporting or review. This list was collected through targeted stakeholder consultation in 2023.  We will consider these topic for inclusion in the 2024–25 Annual Work Plan. We also want to ensure that new and emerging topics and issues are being received, assessed and considered.  This will ensure that we are aware of issues that are of most importance and concern to stakeholders.

We will assess these topics through our prioritisation method. This allows us to test for 5 indicators:

  • significance –how important the issue is for older people using the aged care system, and whether it affects the majority of users, or a particularly vulnerable group
  • materiality – How much the issue is affecting the performance of the system or the delivery of services
  • relevance – How relevant the issue is to people using the system
  • ability to contribute – whether the issue is already being addressed, or whether the Inspector-General has a genuine need to intervene
  • prioritisation – the ability for the Inspector-General to contribute, prioritisation.

What we want to know

We are interested in the impact of government policies, procedures, delivery, regulation and funding decisions on: 

  • the aged care system as a whole
  • people who access aged care in particular.

Our focus is on what Commonwealth agencies with a role in the aged care system are doing. This could be related to residential aged care or in-home services.

We want you to tell us:

  • what you consider an issue with the current operation of the aged care system 
  • why this issue is important for the Inspector-General to know about it, and either monitor it over time, undertake a report or conduct a review.

Your views will enable us to better understand the current landscape, and to further prioritise the issues that require dedicated investigation or oversight by the Inspector-General.

What is a systemic issue?

When deciding if an issue is systemic, we consider whether the issue:

  • is more than a single or isolated incident
  • is a significant issue that pervades multiple parts of the aged care system
  • has widespread implications and affects a significant number of older people in Australia
  • significantly disadvantages a small specific demographic
  • has persisted within the aged care system for a number of years, despite attempts to address it.

Please note the Inspector-General cannot consider individual complaints or single isolated incidents.  

Find out how to make a complaint about aged care on the My Aged Care website.

If you need support, please contact the Older Persons Advocacy Network.

Our questions

We are interested in understanding:

  • What is the issue?
  • Are you able to pose a question that the Inspector-General should investigate?
  • Why do you consider the issue systemic?
  • Is there specific publicly available data or evidence you are able to share that will support the Inspector-General in considering this issue for attention?
  • Do you have any other information you would like the Inspector-General to consider.

How to provide your input

To provide input, you can: 

  • email your submission to contact@igac.gov.au as a Microsoft Word or PDF document
  • post your submission to:

Office of the Inspector-General of Aged Care  
PO Box 350  
Woden ACT 2606, Australia

Consultation is now open. Submission will close on 2 August 2024, 5pm AEST.

It is intended that the Office will undertake further consultation processes in future that will allow for alternate means of collecting your views and information.

How we will use your information 

The information you provide will inform the development of the Inspector-General’s annual work plan and ongoing monitoring and surveillance of the aged care system.

We will not publish your responses in relation to the consultation on annual work plan. 

Sharing information with us

As an Australian Government Agency, we must comply with the Privacy Act and the Australian Privacy Principles which regulate how agencies collect, hold, use or disclose personal information. See our privacy policy.

Further information 

If you have any questions, they should be directed to contact@igac.gov.au.

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