Who we are

We are an independent agency established to oversee and review the aged care system to ensure it better meets the needs of older people in Australia.

About the office

The Office of the Inspector-General of Aged Care is an independent statutory agency led by the Inspector-General.

Together, we have oversight of the administration, regulation, and funding of the aged care system by the Australian Government, including the:

Our status as an independent statutory agency will help to ensure the aged care system is:

  • robust, accountable and transparent
  • able to meet the needs of older people in Australia, their families, and their carers.

Watch our introductory video to learn about the purpose, function, and vision of the Office of the Inspector-General of Aged Care.

Our role in the aged care system

Our role is to provide independent oversight of the aged care system through our core functions of reviews, monitoring and reporting. To do this, we will:

  • review and report on the aged care system
  • identify systemic and significant problems
  • recommend changes
  • increase accountability and transparency through reporting our findings to parliament, including on the implementation of Royal Commission recommendations.

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Our office and the Inspector-General are separate from other agencies in the aged care system. We will not duplicate their functions, such as regulation, policy development, or complaints appeals.


The Inspector-General of Aged Care will oversee government and government-funded bodies. These include the Department of Health and Aged Care, the Independent Health and Aged Care Pricing Authority, and the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission. These bodies administer, price and regulate services for people, providers, and peaks.

Why we were established

The Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety recommended that the Australian Government establish:

  • an Inspector-General of Aged Care
  • an Office of the Inspector-General of Aged Care.

The government established both on 16 October 2023 through the Inspector-General of Aged Care Act 2023.

Find out more about the Royal Commission's recommendations.

Appointing the Inspector-General

The government is currently conducting a selection process, in line with the Merit and Transparency Policy, to appoint the Inspector-General. Until this happens, an acting Inspector-General, appointed by the Minister for Aged Care and Sport, will perform the role.

Organisational chart

Organisational chart

This organisational chart shows staffing and reporting lines for the Office of the Inspector-General of Aged Care.
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